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Motion design is a carefully crafted blend of graphic design and animation, where pixels boogie, text tangoes, and shapes shimmy, bringing your message to life in a compelling and memorable way.

It's a party for your visuals and everyone’s invited.
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 Our services provide high-quality animation and video content to help your brand stand out from the crowd. Motion Design is a dynamic form of visual communication that combines motion, sound, and graphic elements to convey a message or tell a story. We specialise in creating stunning visuals that capture attention, engage audiences, and bring your ideas to life.

Motion Graphics

Video Editing

Graphic Design

Meet the Team


Hello, I’m Katy, founder of the company and one half of the husband & wife duo that now makes up KM Motion.

I started freelancing in 2018 after working at a few larger agencies across Manchester and Birmingham… I had always dreamt of one day owning my own studio and wanted to get some experience working with some smaller setups.

Fast forward to 2023 and we’ve since become a team of two, working in our dedicated home studio in Glasgow. 

When I'm not crafting videos, you'll usually find me crafting something else for fun, whether that's new art for the studio, bouquets of flowers or friend's wedding stationery, I was always destined to do something creative. 


Hello, I’m Michael & I’ve been working behind the scenes at KM Motion since 2020 and joined the team as a full-time motion designer in 2021.


I like to think I bring a broad skillset to the team, moving into motion design from a career in the NHS.


My science background means I especially love geeking out over all the maths and physics After Effects has to offer – much to Katy’s horror.


I’m also a big fan of illustrating and bringing my designs to life with motion.


When I’m not working, I’m probably running, cooking, gaming, or trying to become a professional darts player. 🎯



Hello, I’m Maisie, Head of Health & Wellbeing at KM Motion.

I joined in June 2020, and I’m in charge of making sure the team get their daily steps in, alerting everyone to the postman every morning and reminding everyone that it’s ok to have an afternoon nap every now and then…

in-fact - I actively advocate this.


Life as the in-house therapy dog can be tough, so as a result you’ll usually find me sighing in a corner, under Katy’s desk or snuggled up on the couch contemplating how hard my life is.


That being said, I’m always available for cuddles or pats, and I’m pretty good at reminding Katy & Michael why they do it all… so they can continue to buy me my Friday puppuccino from the local cafe of course. 🐶

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